Coventry Housing Authority

Coventry Housing Authority

Coventry Housing Associates Corporation

Creating Housing Opportunities for the Promise of Community

The Coventry Housing Associates Corporation was incorporated in 1996 for the express purpose of seeking, utilizing, and capitalizing on available resources for the creation of housing opportunities within the Town of Coventry. The core focus of these efforts will be to meet the housing needs which are currently underserved.

The Coventry Housing Associates Corporation has been designated as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). We have developed a Lease to Purchase program where 3 homes were acquired through a HUD foreclosure, rehabbed, and leased to low-to-moderate income families who then underwent education in homeownership responsibilities. After three short years, each of the families purchased the homes. In 2011, the Coventry Housing Associates Corporation was able to revive this program and currently owns one, single family home where the family has entered into a Lease to Purchase agreement.

Coventry Housing Associates Corporation has twice been awarded Low Income Housing Tax Credit allocations from the State of Rhode Island for the production of affordable housing. The first award, in 2001, produced 32 units of affordable family housing, and this development – The Crossroads - has been fully occupied since construction completion in 2003. The second LIHTC award for the 44 unit development – Coventry Meadows-opened its doors in 2011.

Additionally, the Coventry Housing Associates were the recipient of a 202 grant from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development in the amount of $4.9 million to construct 34 units of supportive housing for the elderly – named, Golden Ridge. This development has maintained full occupancy and is a beautiful addition to the Associates portfolio.

Coventry Housing Associates Corporation is the past recipient of a Planning Grant through the Rhode Island Foundation which brought together the planners of the Kent County jurisdiction to discuss strategic planning for the creation of affordable housing in our neighboring communities. Additionally, the Corporation worked with the Town of Coventry to produce the State-mandated Affordable Housing Production Plan for Coventry and has led this community in the production of affordable housing.

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